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For many years Avia Prime has encouraged young people to choose aviation as their career path, so due to the current events, we feel obligated to propose to the flying public ways of supporting aviation and saving the jobs. 

Members of Avia Prime group - Polish LINETECH, Adria Tehnika of Slovenia, and recently acquainted Serbian company JAT Tehnika of are currently operating as per usual. According to our calculations, the drop in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul business wouldn't be as significant and swift. Commercial airliners need regular maintenance to be certified to fly.

However, it's important to point out that airlines built something that we can call the ecosystem. According to IATA, in Europe, Russia, and CIS, only the aviation sector supports over 12 million jobs and creates a GDP of almost $900 billion. It affects supply chains, manufacturing, general travel, etc. To illustrate the scale of symbiosis: a year-long, global grounding of Boeing 737MAX, drastically decreased the demand for the parts, pushing losing manufacturers to lay-offs.

The aviation industry felt coronavirus-related travel bans instantly. In just a few days, the crisis we face is already bigger than 9/11 or the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. According to CAPA, if the virus will continue to spread at the current rate, in May, 80% of the global airlines will face bankruptcy. The consequences of aviation going bust could potentially reduce demand for new aircraft, some of it will never be delivered to the original carrier, all of which will affect the manufacturing sector. The losses will affect the ticket prices as well, which could potentially slow the world economy for a long time.

Avia Prime is encouraging everyone to help airlines by:

  1. Postponing rather than canceling the trips to ensure steady cash flow for already crippled airlines;
  2. Not being hesitant about choosing airfare after the outbreak will be conquered. Airlines and MRO's perform deep cleaning and disinfection regularly. The cabin will be safe for the passengers;
  3. Rising the general discussion about the help of EU and state governments to the airlines. Some of the regulations would have to be suspended or changed since current market regulations could still worsen the situation. The federal government in the US already helped Boeing, and Trump's administration works on financial help for US carriers as well. The gross value of financial aid can exceed $220 billion, according to IATA;

Global revenue loss can vary between $60 and $113 billion, and passenger demand can drop by 30% in 2020. The change to the airline business model is inevitable, but we all can do something to decrease the negative effects.

Aviation is the fastest, most affordable, and safest way to connect, do business, visit loved ones, and travel the world. It's crucial we still would be able to use it after the outbreak. Avia Prime group, along with LINETECH, Adria Tehnika and JAT Tehnika are calling to do what we can to help airlines. 

Our customers are the most reputable companies in the world and we care for them. Only together we can minimize the economic impact of this disease. #UnitedWeStand

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